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Samuel Walther CEO - Tech Factory - "TRACKERGO is emerging and out performs name brands"

Why Clients Are Gravitating Toward TrackerGO

Amazon Hosted Infrastructure 2048 Bit RSA Encryption Free CRM For 1-13 Users
FREE Expert CRM Guidance Limitless Customizations One Lead & Campaign Management Solution
5 Star Customer Service An Affordable CRM For Novice/Mid-Range/Enterprise Users

TrackerGo Gives You Power To Control Your Sales Universe

Gives You Control Over Your Sales Outcomes
No Cost Sound Boarding At Any Time With A Brilliant Sales Peformance Staff
Close More Sales With More Accuracy. Higher Order Customer Retention
Puts You In The Drivers Seat With Key Sales And Customer Insights
Automates Follow-ups So You Can Focus On The Highest Priority Tasks
Limitless Customizations So You Don't Have To Tell Your Management To Repurchase
No Charge Phone Guidance/Collaboration To Validate Your Strategies Are Accurate
Out Of The Box Creative Online Marketing Support To Inflate Your Lead Funnel

What Differentiates Us From Popular CRM's


Basic Features

  • Cloud Based CRM
  • Drag/Drop leads
  • Lead management
  • Account management
  • Contact management
  • Custom reports
  • Standard reports
  • Dashboard
  • Mobile Crm
  • Import/export
  • Facebook type collaboration
  • Log activities and notes
  • Upload files

Mid Level Features

  • Dial cue automation
  • Import emails as leads
  • Campaign management
  • Outlook CRM
  • Outlook calendar sync
  • Google calendar sync
  • Add leads from Gmail
  • Configure sales teams
  • Automated lead routing
  • Automated lead capture
  • Campaign lead capture
  • Automated follow-ups
  • Tag associations
  • Workflow engine

Advanced Features

  • Drip marketer
  • Data mining for insights
  • Focused pathways
  • Track website behavior
  • Website analytics

Close More Deals In A Fraction Of The Time

Take Charge Of Your Sales Department. Retain More Clients. Close More Deals. Measure Your Success.

Limitless Customizations

Add customized and dynamic web pages to TrackerGO CRM. Outsource or engage your programming department to develop new features and functions specific to your business target that no other CRM vendor offers. We open our full data model to your staff so limitless customizations can be made.

ERP Integration

We will integrate TrackerGO CRM into your department subsystems including but not limited to Accounting, Sales, Distribution, Manufacturing, etc. Our integrations team will integrate TrackerGO CRM into your enterprise within a minimal time frame.

Panel Of C-Level Experts To Guide You

CRM vendors offer products but many users are totally undecided about the optimal direction to go. That is why we created our CRM C-Level Expert Panel each who have successfully adopted and turned the revenue dials with CRM and will assist you for FREE.

CRM Product & Guidance ALL in One

Vendors offer CRM products but we offer a product that fits and the expert guidance needed to leverage CRM and turn your revenue dials. Each of our CRM panel experts have a successfull track record and are ready to help move your meter.

User Friendly CRM

We believe your experience with a CRM should be user friendly with ease of navigation. Often times users feel the effects of CRM's that offer more enterprise level features without the ease of use. We engineered TrackerGO CRM so you don't feel that pain.

Free (1-13) Users

We offer you free usage of TrackerGO CRM for under 5000 records. We have high confidence in our combined product and guidance service as a gamechanger for your business that we firmly believe you will adopt more enterprise level features as you grow.

TrackerGO CRM Features That Stimulate Growth

We have corporate functions and features applicable to larger and smaller businesses


Lead Management

TrackerGO CRM offers you full lead management from start to finish. Capture leads from webpages, campaigns and email inboxes. Lead correspondence is automated

Marketing Automation

TrackerGO CRM offers a campaign management and drip marketer where you can target clients and prospects with product and services through email marketing


Assign actions to specific events that occur in the CRM like sales status changes where emails can be triggered based on system status for managerial awareness


Automated Lead Capture

Capture leads from web forms, marketing campaigns through email clicks and by scraping email inboxes. This precludes the necessity to enter all leads manually

Pricing Table

We Ensure Quality & Support.


  • Cloud Based CRM
  • Drag And Drop Sales Stage View
  • Lead Management
  • Account Management
  • Contact Management
  • Custom Reports
  • Standard reports
  • Dashboard
  • Mobile Crm
  • Account & Contact Import/Export
  • Configure Sales Teams
  • Automated Lead Routing
  • Facebook Like Correspondence
  • Automated Lead Followups
  • Custom Fields
  • Log Activities And Notes
  • Attach Files
  • Unlimited Storage Included
  • Phone Support/Email Support
  • $9.00 User/Month
  • Sign Up


  • Basic Level Plan Plus
  • Automated Follow-up Scheduler
  • Outlook CRM With No Internet Connection Sync Later
  • Automated Lead Approval From Email Inboxes
  • Campaign Management & Delivery
  • Outlook CRM
  • Outlook Calendar Sync
  • Google Calendar Sync
  • Automated Follow-ups Sent To Clients
  • Auto Capture Leads From Your Website
  • Auto Capture Leads From Your Marketing Campaigns
  • Automated Follow-ups Sent To Clients
  • Add Tags Per Lead, Account or Contact
  • Workflow Engine To Monitor Lead Status And Trigger Events
  • $19.00 User/Month
  • Sign Up


  • Mid Level Plan Plus
  • Drip Marketer
  • Data Mine To Gain Useful Insights
  • Scrape Gmail/Hotmail Leads Into CRM
  • Landing Page Event Tracking
  • Focused Pathways - Measure Every Landing Page Click To A Predictable Conclusion
  • Google Analytics Data Captured Into TrackerGo With A Single Login
  • Assigned & Dedicated Online Marketing Guru
  • Diagnose Your Landing Page Problems With Corrective Action
  • Optimize Landing Pages That Inflate Inbound Leads 2-4 Times
  • Monitor Your Campaigns
  • Landing Pages That Project Signature Identity And A Resonating Message
  • Identify Relevant Marketing Channels UnTapped
  • 18 Hours Of Dedicated Marketing Support Per Month
  • Results Guaranteed
  • Up To 8 Users At No Cost
  • $1399.00Per Month
  • Sign Up


  • Runs In Your Data Center
  • Fully Scoped Feature Set
  • Maintenance Support
  • Upgrades Included
  • $3,999.00
  • Call For Details

Product Gallery

We have included some screenshots so you can view some cross sections of the product



One On One Personalized Service

We take the time to educate, train and guide you through the CRM lifecycle. We understand that CRM adoption can be a difficult process with a wide array of competitive products on the market. We understand the market and can help you distill the features and functions that make most sense for you.

Open Source CRM

At times any baseline CRM may not be exactly all you need and additional features and functions are needed beyond what you originally envisioned. Our CRM solution is exendible and will meet all your add on needs moving forward.

Intuitive CRM

TrackerGO CRM is easy to use and intuitive so you don't have to sift through tons of documentation to understand how to get the most out of our CRM.

About Our Company

We are passionate about delivering great products that people love and want to engage with that solve their business pains

Our Story

We started our CRM journey back in 2012 and we did not know we were building the foundation of what would emerge into a flagship CRM product. We started building a simple quotation system for a client. After completion we began to think about how many more functions and features could be added to make it a more dimensional product. Over the last few years we have been adding those features and functions we envisioned back in 2012.

  • Our mission is to understand your CRM needs and deliver a professional offering

  • We know that success is more than technology it is building trust with our clients and delivering above the bar solutions

  • We build software that is complex but we don't want that complexity to touch our users as the experience needs to be intuitive

Team Members

Here are some key members of our TrackerGO CRM Team

Michael De Marco

CEO & Software Developer

"I set the vision and implement solutions to accomplish that vision. I am a passionate software developer and started in 1979. I am a CEO who goes down into the trenches to develop the best solution for our clients"

Michael Jones

Chief Marketing Officer

"I set the marketing vision by thinking of out of the box strategies to promote TrackerGo CRM. I spend time developing prospect engagement processes that define how to connect with prospects in the most efficient way"

Darren Christopher

Business Development

"I spend most of my day architecting marketing solutions that help to promote TrackerGO CRM in other marketing channels. I am a Mathematics graduate and enjoy using my analytical skills to solve business problems"

Ellen Fattibene

Customer Support Management

"I spend my day listening to the needs of our clients and making sure their needs are implemented to their satisfaction."

CRM Ease Of Use Rating

CRM Features Rating

Customizations Rating

Helpful Assistance Rating

Customers Feedback

"TrackerGo CRM has made a significant improvement in our business processes as it puts me in control of our sales leads and correspondence without it being in charge of me"

- Erick Lopez of Custom Transformers.

"Before I tried Trackergo I was not convinced that a CRM could be effective in producing sales. I have tried other programs and many of them have some great attributes, however Trackergo left no stone unturned. There are more useful features than you can imagine"

- John Foster of The Right List

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