What We Offer

We offer a full suite of services and support to give you a 360 Degree CRM experience.

Limitless Customizations

Add customized and dynamic web pages to our baseline CRM. Login and view those add on pages. Full data base access. No API restrictions. Any Programming language

ERP Integration

We can integrate our CRM into your other department subsystems including accounting, sales, distribution, manufacturing, etc


We will guide you through the CRM adoption process. We will guide you down the best possible pathway

Corporate Features

We offer corporate features and functions applicable for larger and smaller businesses

User Friendly CRM

We believe your experience with a CRM should be user friendly with ease of navigation

Free (1-4) Users

We offer you our CRM for free for up to 5000 records. We want to gain your confidence

Some TrackerGO CRM Features

We have corporate functions and features applicable to larger and smaller businesses

Lead Management

TrackerGO CRM offers you full lead management from start to finish. Capture leads from webpages, campaigns and email inboxes. Lead correspondence is automated

Marketing Automation

TrackerGO CRM offers a campaign management and drip marketer where you can target clients and prospects with product and services through email marketing


Assign actions to specific events that occur in the CRM like sales status changes where emails can be triggered based on system status for managerial awareness


Automated Lead Capture

Capture leads from web forms, marketing campaigns through email clicks and by scraping email inboxes. This precludes the necessity to enter all leads manually

Pricing Table

We ensure quality & support.


  • Lead Management
  • Web Capture
  • Mobile
  • Unlimited Storage Included
  • Email Capture
  • Phone Support
$9.00 User/Month (4+ Users)


  • Standard Features Plus
  • Campaign Management
  • Campaign Capture
  • Email Capture
$19.00 User/Month


  • Professional Features Plus
  • Drip Marketing
  • Data Mining For Customer Behavior
$49.00 User/Month


  • Runs In Your Data Center
  • Fully Scoped Feature Set
  • Maintenance Support
  • Upgrades Included
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Product Gallery

We have included some screenshots so you can view some cross sections of the product



One On One Personalized Service

We take the time to educate, train and guide you through the CRM lifecycle. We understand that CRM adoption can be a difficult process with a wide array of competitive products on the market. We understand the market and can help you distill the features and functions that make most sense for you.

Lower Customization Costs

At times a baseline CRM is not exactly all you need and additional features and functions are needed. We offer the most affordable customizations and our customer responsiveness is unparalled. Customization costs can skyrocket depending on which CRM you adopt so careful understanding is necessary of potential backend costs.

Intuitive CRM

TrackerGO CRM is easy to use and intuitive so you don't have to sift through tons of documentation to understand how to get the most out of our CRM.

About Our Company

We are passionate about delivering great products that people love and want to engage with that solve their business pains

Our Story

We started our CRM journey back in 2012 and we did not know we were building the foundation of what would emerge into a flagship CRM product. We started building a simple quotation system for a client. After completion we began to think about how many more functions and features could be added to make it a more dimensional product. Over the last few years we have been adding those features and functions we envisioned back in 2012.

  • Our mission is to understand your CRM needs and deliver a professional offering

  • We know that success is more than technology it is building trust with our clients and delivering above the bar solutions

  • We build software that is complex but we don't want that complexity to touch our users as the experience needs to be intuitive

Team Members

Here are some key members of our TrackerGO CRM Team

Michael De Marco

CEO & Software Developer

"I set the vision and implement solutions to accomplish that vision. I am a passionate software developer and started in 1979. I am a CEO who goes down into the trenches to develop the best solution for our clients"

Darren Christopher

Business Development

"I spend most my day architecting marketing solutions that help to promote TrackerGO CRM in other marketing channels. I am a Mathematics graduate and enjoy using my analytical skills to solve business skills"

Ellen Fattibene

Customer Support Management

"I spend my day listening to the needs of our clients and making sure their needs are implemented to their satisfaction. It is a full time job and communicating the needs of our clients to our engineering team and back"

Gynadeep Sahoo

Quality Assurance Manager

"I spend my day assuring that features that are added into the CRM are working as required. I do my best to assure that the software is tested from all angles to assure the most optimal user experience. I work hard to acheive a satisfactory product"

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Customers Feedback

"TrackerGo CRM has made a significant improvement in our business processes as it puts me in control of our sales leads and correspondence without it being in charge of me"

- Erick Lopez of Custom Transformers.

"Before I tried Trackergo I was not convinced that a CRM could be effective in producing sales. I have tried other programs and many of them have some great attributes, however Trackergo left no stone unturned. There are more useful features than you can imagine"

- John Foster of The Right List

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Toll Free - 888-253-6748

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