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johnfoster Spotlight On John Foster

"Before I tried this Trackergo I was not convinced that a CRM could be effective in producing sales. I have tried other programs and many of them have some great attributes, however Trackergo left no stone unturned."

"There are more useful features than you can imagine. I have personally sent the software engineers suggestions and they were more than happy to implement them into the software."

"Most advanced/dynamic programs are difficult to learn and use. Trackergo has user friendly tutorials that make working with the software a breeze. Simply put Trackergo is the best CRM software on the net. Thanks Michael."

John Foster - SVP Marketing - The Right List

ericklopez Spotlight On Erick Lopez

"I can't say enough about TrackerGo CRM. Before adopting TrackerGo, our business was performing at much less than optimal value. I could not manage the quantity of leads any longer without a tool to organize the lead correspondence and sales process."

"Prior to TrackerGo all of our correspondence was scattered around in email inboxes and on notepads and when I needed critical information quickly, I could not respond to the prospect fast enough. TrackerGo CRM has taken that pain away. I recommend TrackerGo CRM Highly."

Erick Lopez - Manufacturing Manager - Jackson Engineering

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