Michael A. De Marco Chief Website Architect, Programmer & CEO Available For Your Next Website Creation

Hi, My name is Michael De Marco and I am the Founder, CEO, Architect and sole programmer of TrackerGO CRM the site you are on right now. Feel free to browse around this site and check out my Web Based CRM Creation. At any rate, this happens to be my personal profile page where I get a chance to communicate to you what I can offer you.

Regarding TrackerGO CRM, so you have some context as to how this fits with your search engine click, it is a web based portal that provides businesses with the capability of doing full life cycle Lead Tracking and Marketing Automation. This is my most recent project and the one I own all rights to. I mention it so you can feel confident after review that I can manage your next web based creation. I have over 30 years of software development experience. One of my biggest strengths and said meekly is the ability to create successful web projects. To date, all my projects have been successful. My skills and my floating teams are quality and material enough that you will not have any Rework and the maintenance costs are minimal. In today's economic climate, having the confidence that your project will be successful by a successful development force is a major plus.

I function as a key visionary, marketing strategist and team leader in addition to my hard core software development skills. Website development is my passion but I am passionate about scaling revenues and trimming costs through automation, online marketing and websites that engage and create revenue producing clients.

I develop websites with complex business logic and rules for a variety of industries as I have a lot of cross industry experience.

Please contact me at 818-422-7919 or email me at tracker@tracker-go.com for more information. Click Here to view the TrackerGO CRM website. Click Download to receive my resume.

Thank you for taking the time to review my offering and I hope to hear from you soon so we can discuss your next website project.


Michael A. De Marco

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